The Balance Point Book

New Ways Business Owners Can Use Boards

“A how-to guide that integrates the three critical groups of every business — the Owners, Managers, and Directors”

Hause-FBT-images to John-04All privately owned and family businesses have a balance point. This is where the owners’ values, needs, and goals are integrated with those of the managers. “Balancing” is the act of integrating these ownership and management interests. When a business is in transition, it is crucial to have a balance point that lends stability during change.

In their book THE BALANCE POINT: New Ways Business Owners Can Use Boards, authors Cary Tutelman and Larry Hause provide guidance for

  • entrepreneurs wanting more time to do what they want while others run the core business
  • nonowners who work for entrepreneurs
  • minority owners questioning how companies will continue after the departure of their entrepreneurs
  • entrepreneurs wanting to pass their business on to family members, managers, or employees
  • next-generation members wanting to speed up the process of taking on responsibility for the business
  • family members who are owners but not employees of the company
  • spouses of any of the above
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