Client Story
About Working with Larry

“With Larry’s counsel and guidance, we were able to transition from a founder run organization to a professionally led organization, while still having ownership in the company. His approach gave clear an understanding and process to help make the transition smooth. We have been extremely pleased with the work that Larry has done to take our company to the next level. On the week of Salo’s 20th Anniversary, I thank you for the wonderful work, the connections and the heart that you contributed to SALO’s success. I am grateful.”
Amy Langer, Co-Founder, Salo

About Salo

Our team continues putting people first, every day, by valuing relationships over transactions. This is the engine driving us and it’s a beautiful thing to see.” says CEO Lisa Brezonik. “This mindset has helped us evolve to a national company, helping talent and clients across the country find meaningful work and meaningful solutions. Our growth is accelerating because of our commitment to being a People-first company and I am feeling gratitude for everyone who has contributed to SALO throughout the last 20 years.” From the beginning, co-founders Amy Langer and John Folkestad wanted Salo to be a different kind of work experience. “We wanted to create a company where people could do work that lit them up,” Amy says. “So, we knew the environment needed to be different—a place where people felt like they could actually make an impact. And we were able to do it. With values leading us, we built a truly new and different way to work.” Visit Salo website

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