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Client Story
About Working with Larry

“We engaged Larry over 10 years ago to help facilitate a plan for the succession of our business to the second generation and hopefully the third as well. Larry is uniquely qualified for this work having grown up in a family business himself. Anyone in family business can attest to the challenges the family dynamic brings. Had it not been for Larry, we would not have made progress in creating appropriate succession plans or holding timely, relevant family meetings. Larry was instrumental in mentoring each of the family members, helping provide clear distinctions for how we came to the meeting table. He helped us identify the different hats we wear and when to wear each, which helped the meetings progress nicely. I recommend Larry to help family businesses achieve their next steps and end result.”

Kerri Rosenberg-Hallet, Publication Printers Corp.

About Publication Printers Corp.

Publication Printers Corp. has been family-owned and operated since we opened our doors in 1979. Now one of the leading web printers in the United States, we offer our customers all the benefits of a publicly held corporation while maintaining the same high standards of service we started with over 35 years ago.

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