Client Story
About Working with Larry

“Your guidance, coaching, and unwavering focus on our needs and desires has seen us through. Your ability to setup the change, present the new system, and handle all the dynamics/behaviors in between has made this all possible. We are grateful for your role in this change and pleased with your leadership.”
Nancy Ronning, IT Manager, Morris, Inc.

About Morris, Inc.

Morris, Inc. began business in 1970 and is owned by Milton and Dawn Morris and their five children.  Milton started the company by designing and installing intakes, pipelines, and pivots for farmers and other governmental agencies located throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nebraska along the Missouri River.  Since this time, Morris, Inc. has grown into a diversified Highway-Heavy-Utility company performing various and complex projects.  We employ approximately 150 full-time employees and at peak times during the summer we employ over 200. Visit Morris Inc. website

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