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About Working with Larry

“I wanted to transition out of the business without selling and determined the correct way to do this was through a Board of Directors, which as an entrepreneur I never had. I did a lot of research on Boards of Directors and found information on Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofits, but nothing on a family-owned small business. Through my research I came across Larry‘s book “The Balance Point” which made perfect sense to me.

Larry has been great to work with, from setting up and designing the board to working with me and the board to function as a Balance Point. I am now three+ years in and am delighted with the board, the support they provide me and the business. Thank you, Larry!”
David Crary, Founder and Chairman, HindSite Software LLC

About HindSite Software

Let software do the dirty work. The paperwork. Those tedious tasks. And any of the busy work eating away at your day & bottom line. Stop holding yourself back. Stop leaving money in the field. And unleash your business’ full potential. Software designed, built & supported by a company rooted in the green industry. Trusted by 1,000+ green industry businesses. Visit HindSite Software website

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