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About Working with Larry

“Our owners engaged with Larry Hause and another collaborating consultant during a critical phase of our 2nd and 3rd Generation owner succession development with a desire to sustain the business for future generations. Owner relationships within and between generations, foundational owner & board structures and significant owner estate planning issues were some of the most critical areas that needed attention.”


“Larry’s proficiency for structure was invaluable in our early development of a consolidated owner plan and other guiding documents, building more rigor in board and owner meetings and providing robust trust structure for dealing with estate planning needs for some of the owners. The work was time consuming and difficult but Larry was in the trenches with us. As we continue to build on the foundation Larry helped us develop, I am grateful for his role in delivering the concepts that will serve us well into the future.”

Trevor Duninck, 3rd Generation Owner, Duininck Companies

About Duininck Companies

Over 80 years ago, in the Dutch farming town of Prinsburg, Minnesota, brothers Henry, Amos, and Wilbur Duininck first entered the road construction business. Little did they know they were embarking on a remarkable journey that would lead their small company, not only to the corners of Minnesota, but to the ends of the Earth.


Since then, each subsequent generation has left their mark on the portfolio. The second generation of Duinincks expanded the company into new geographical markets, and focused on diversification. As they saw a need, they operated with enough flexibility to encourage the independent leadership to take risks and to flourish. New divisions were added or created, strengthening and growing the company.


Today, the third generation leads the company into the future, adding technology, marketing, and modern equipment to the Duininck toolbox. Still steeped in the tradition of their fathers and grandfathers before them, the Duininck vision and values remain central to the company’s growth strategy and ways of doing business. Visit Duininck Companies website.

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