Maxxon Corporation

Client Story
About Working with Larry

“Larry is a trusted and knowledgeable advisor. I am very thankful for his guidance in navigating us through the process of transitioning our family owned business from a founder led organization into an owner-board-management system of corporate governance. This transition was very daunting since there are so many familial and company factors to consider; we could not have implemented this organizational and cultural change without Larry’s direction and insight. I am delighted that my Grandfather’s legacy and vision for the company that he built has been preserved.”
Tanya D’Amico Chairperson of the Board of Directors for MaxTech, Inc.

About Maxxon Corporation

MaxTech, Inc. is the parent company of the Maxxon Corporation and several other subsidiary applicator companies. Maxxon was founded by brothers, Ron and Clyde Jorgenson in 1972. Since Gyp-Crete was first developed in 1972, Maxxon Corporation, has provided superior underlayment products for solving virtually any floor problem. Maxxon not only started the industry, but continues to lead it with high quality products, training, research, and expert installation by a network of authorized dealers throughout North America. Visit Maxxon Corporation’s website.

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