Who this book is for

This book is for owners of privately owned and family businesses, especially for owners in transition.

THE BALANCE POINT offers a step-by-step approach to handle successfully the most significant transitions: when entrepreneurs want to change how they are involved in the business, when there are multiple owners, when owners and managers are different people, and when owners want to sell. The text also offers assistance to family businesses in addressing their unique challenges.

Whether you are transitioning your role in management, your relationship with other owners, your level of involvement in the business, or just altering the way you think about your future, these challenges are significant and real.

As a groundbreaking book about a tested model, THE BALANCE POINT will be of interest to business owners and entrepreneurs, next-generation family members, minority owners, managers, and directors. A secondary audience includes business consultants, practitioners, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and business professors and educators.

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