How to prepare your heirs for family wealth using a value-based trust

Are you concerned that leaving significant sums of money to your children could result in undesirable consequences?

Would you like to take advantage of the $5 Million Gift Tax Exemption, but are reluctant to give up control of your assets, especially those you’ve worked a lifetime to build?

Are family dynamics, poor money management decisions, or a family member struggling with addiction or behavior issues keeping you from transferring wealth at this time?

This workshop explores how a value-based trust is an effective estate planning tool that provides effective control and guidance for future generations.

Who should attend?

  • People who are using or are considering using a trust in their estate planning
  • People who would like to minimize inheritance taxes
  • Couples who are concerned with the consequences of passing wealth to their children
  • People who have not yet taken steps to use the $5 million tax exemption

“Value-based planning helps ensure our descendants develop integrity and become responsible, motivated, self-sufficient and generous individuals who look beyond themselves. It is very exciting and fulfilling to know our planning will help others for a very long time, perhaps into perpetuity.”       — Actual quote from client. Name withheld to protect confidentiality.

What is a value-based trust?

A value-based trust:

  • Creates a legacy of values from which successor generations learn how to be responsible owners of the family assets and business
  • Requires beneficiaries to be intentional about how they live their lives — and to include the values that you believe are important to make something of their lives
  • Takes into account changing circumstances that often occur over a beneficiary’s lifetime

At this workshop you will:

  • Learn the advantages of a value-based trust and the steps to create one
  • Evaluate if the $5 Million Gift Tax Exemption should be part of your estate planning (if you haven’t taken advantage of it already)
  • Discover how you can stay involved in the management of your business and other assets after bequeathing them through a trust
  • Identify values you would like to pass to successor generations

“We highly recommend this planning to other families. We did not want to simply pass our wealth on to our descendants without guidance. Preparing annual life plans and striving to reach their personal and philanthropic goals keeps everyone focused on what is important in their lives.”                       — Actual quote from client. Name withheld to protect confidentiality.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Concerns with transferring wealth
  • How the $5 million gift tax exemption works with a trust
  • Identifying the values you want to pass on to the next generation(s)
  • The benefits of a value-based “life plan” trust, including estate planning and tax advantages
  • The process for creating a value-based “life plan” trust
  • How to implement a value-based “life plan” trust with the next generation
  • Case Study

You will be given time during the workshop to address your specific circumstances and concerns.

Participation is intentionally limited so attendees can meet with the presenters individually during the workshop.

We encourage couples to attend together.

 “A wonderful and welcome surprise is how accepting and helpful our Trust Company is in embracing this new concept.” — Actual quote from client. Name withheld to protect confidentiality.

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