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Whether you’re transitioning your role in management, changing your relationship with other owners, reducing your level of involvement in the business, or just thinking about your future, the challenges you face are significant and real.

Courses are limited to smaller groups, so participants have the opportunity to address their unique circumstances.

Fundamentals of Transition

This workshop is for senior owners of closely held and family-owned businesses who are considering, or may someday want to consider, a change in the way they are involved in their business.

The workshop explores the “Balance Point” and the fundamental role it plays in successful business transitions. All closely held and family businesses have a “Balance Point,” where owners’ values, needs, and goals are integrated with managers’ values, needs, and goals. “Balancing” is the act of integrating ownership and management interests.

This workshop provides a comprehensive yet practical approach to balancing owners’ and managers’ interests and when and how to transition the Balance Point. It includes a:

    • System for transitioning control of a family-owned business when the founder/entrepreneur (or the person with the power) wants to change how he/she is involved in the business but still stay involved
    • System for resolving differences when there are or will be multiple owners and they do not agree on one person to make the significant decisions
    • System for successfully operating a business when the owners and managers are or will be different people
    • System that enhances the value and attractiveness of a business when the plan is to sell
    • System for addressing and balancing the vision, values, needs, and goals of different family members involved  with a family-owned business

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