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Larry Hause Personal Brochure

LARRY HAUSE, JD is a nationally recognized family business and wealth transition strategist, attorney and author who specializes in helping owners resolve difficult, contentious and seemingly “impossible’ transition challenges in a low risk, highly effective.

As an attorney, Larry understands the legal rights and responsibilities of owners, directors and managers; the tax consequences of changing ownership; and the numerous ways properties can be held and allocated to protect the business and resolve differences among owners.

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Be Prepared: Planning for a Sudden Death in Business

The random stabbing death of Todd Bachman, chairman and CEO of Bachman’s Inc., during a visit to the Beijing Olympics shocked those who knew him and the venerable Minneapolis-based floral and garden center. Amidst grieving, the family-owned business turned its attention to an issue that inevitably rises when a key executive dies suddenly and unexpectedly: leadership succession.

At some point following a tragedy that befalls a business leader — for some, way too soon — thoughts and actions must focus on business. What needs to be done? Who will do it? When? How? The questions can seem endless and answers unclear. When a well-known person or company is involved, add the stress of public relations.

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Family Business Magazine Nov-Dec 2019 "Board Term Limits" by Mitzi Purdue

Instituting term or age limits for directors is a way to ensure you have the right board members to help your family business grow and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Requiring directors to step down once they have served a predetermined number of terms or reached a certain age takes emotions out of the equation because the board members know in advance when they’ll need to step down.

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