Larry is a nationally recognized family business and wealth transition consultant and lawyer who specializes in helping owners of family and other privately-held companies resolve difficult, contentious and seemingly “impossible” transition challenges in a low risk, highly effective manner.

Larry has extensive experience in helping owners transition their family and privately-held businesses. He specializes in transitions that are substantial, complex and frustrating and that drain hope from the individuals involved.

Growing up in a family business, Larry learned first-hand the benefits and challenges of being part of a family-owned company. He decided in high school to pursue a law degree and help family business owners with transition, which is exactly what he has done for 30 years.

As an attorney, Larry understands the legal rights and responsibilities of owners, directors and managers; the tax consequences of changing ownership; and the numerous ways properties can be held and allocated to protect the business and resolve differences among owners. He can ensure that agreed upon decisions are given legal effect.

As a consultant, Larry co-developed the “Balance Point System” that provides a simple, yet effective way to solve all transition issues whenever a founder wants to change how he or she is involved with the business or when the plan is for ownership to be passed to two or more individuals. This system provides a framework to balance all of the primary issues involved with every transition: power, money and personal relationships. 

We provide the following advisory services for family business enterprises and their professionals:

  • Family business transitions
  • Boards of Directors
  • Advisory Boards
  • Trustee-Beneficiary-Business relationships.

Contact me to learn how our exclusive "Balance System" can work for you.

Larry D. Hause

Founder and Principal

Co-author of THE BALANCE POINT, a comprehensive book for businesses in transition.

Larry's book - The Balance Point 



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